Almost there…Goodnight Atlanta!

September 11, 2012

The BIG move is less 30 hours away, and with my mind boggling a million thoughts a minute and my body completely sleep deprived this ought to be a very interesting road trip.  Last night I was only able to sleep 3 hours, since I’m using my brothers camping cot as a bed.  While he claims, “It’s not that bad”, he also refused when I offered to trade for his bed. (Just a thought since he loves doing such manly things sometimes).

Riley, Cooper, and I at Yogli Mogli!

After visiting one last family today, I managed to come home and cram the remainder of my belongings into bags and Rubbermaid tubs.  Whatever else is left, isn’t going to make the cut!  Luckily my dad travels to LA quite frequently and can bring something if I realize later I do need it.

I began the morning trying to be productive and timely by getting my oil changed, walking Koli home from the shop and packing while they worked on the car, then walking Koli back up there to pick up my car.  Made me feel so good- killed a couple birds with one stone.  Well that’s until, I was leaving to go to the Haig’s and I saw a screw in my tire, looks like Firestone just can’t let me go that easily.

Over the past 10 years I swear I’ve spent more time in the car shop than anyone I know.  It’s bad when all they men know, not only me by name, but Koli as well.  I’ve been there far more times that I’d like.   So tomorrow will have to be a repeat, up at the crack of dawn to try to be the first one in line when the shop opens!  I hope I can find a good car shop in the South Bay area that’s convenient.

Goodnight Atlanta… only one more DAY!!!


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