Day 2: On the Road OK-AZ

*Oklahoma-Texas-New Mexico-Arizona*

Started my day with a fabulous breakfast, waffle with blueberries and a banana, at the hotel.  I’m so used to eating cereal or oatmeal, anything different seems tasty.

Second day of driving went well.  We began in Stillwater, Oklahoma around 6:30am (central time) and finally arrived in Holbrook, Arizona around 7:30pm (Pacific time).


We made several stops along the way; when we crossed boarders and lunch and potty breaks.


I was amazed how little civilization we saw, I know everyone tells you, but you don’t believe it til you see it.  You just drive hundreds of miles with only a few gas stations and some quick foodie places.

We are getting to the beautiful west though, which we’ve enjoyed the sights along the road! I definitely think I’d like to come back to Arizona and visit for longer for hiking and more of the National Forests.

Just one more day!
Goodnight Arizona!

little Koli Bear packed up and ready to roll!

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