Ali’s Bucket List

Here’s my bucketlist. I’ve had the list written on a sheet of paper that I keep in a notebook for a while. The list grows as years go by. Some activities are on there because they are things I just want to do for fun, some are goals to accomplish, and others require facing fears

Ali’s Bucket List

-Sky Dive
Run a Marathon
Move to California
-Swim with Dolphins
-Grow hair out and donate it to Locks of Love
-Go Parasailing
-Learn to Salsa Dance
-Play 18 holes of golf
-Helicopter Ride/Tour
-Winery Tour and Tasting
-Go skiing or snowboarding
-Find the Hollywood Sign
-Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen
-Volunteer for Habit for Humanity
-Go horse back riding on a trail (no fence)
-Get pin-up girl/Boudoir photos made
Road Trip across the country
-Learn to play Guitar

Places to Visit
-Grand Canyon
-Redwood Forrest
-Yosimite National Park
-Washington, DC
-Paris, France
-South Africa


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