Infinity Yoga: Infinity Flow

Infinity Yoga: Infinity Flow (heated to 89 degree)
Brookhaven Georgia

A little blue house looking building next to a bigger shopping complex. When I first pulled into the half gravel parking lot I was questioning this reservation.

I quickly remembered not to judge a book by its cover. From the moment I walked in the instructor greeted me and welcomed me. I could

Immoderately tell this was an intimate studio as it appeared most people knew each other. Everyone was friendly. The owner even came out to greet me and welcome me to my first infinity class. One member told me this was going to be a challenge and she immediately befriended me before class. We all waited quietly in a small lounge area before the doors opened.   As the open class a beautifully designed studio, dark wood floor


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Burn Fitness: Burn Cycle

Burn Fitness: Burn Cycle
Brookhaven, Georgia


Burn! That’s a perfect name for it. Not only do you sweat, you compete. You race against yourself and others in the class. Nothing beats a little friendly competition.

When we first began I wasn’t quite sure how the ranks worked.

You enter a stadium style studio with a screen projecting every participant’s bike number, name, and rank. Each bike is also equipped with it’s own computer breaking down RPM and Power.

As the class went on I saw my name go farther and farther up the chart on the big screen in the front of the studio; I went faster. I was motivated. Rather than getting tired, I pushed myself.

The class flew by with good music, encouragement from the instructor and intervals: hills, jumps, and sprints. We even had a little upper body workout with hand weights towards the end of class.

For me this class was a fun change of pace of a workout while on vacation. I was introduced to it by a friend and Lululemon employee who lives in Atlanta and I’m grateful for the recommendation.
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