American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior Course at Sling Shot Entertainment

Norcross, Georgia

I hadn’t even landed in Atlanta yet, when Abby text me and said we had to go to this place: Slingshot. With her recommendation I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into.

I did a quick Google search to discover there was an America Ninja Warrior Park, this is what we were going to check out (they also had bowling, go Karts, and arcade in other parts of the building).
This was about to get good.

Those days when you think your fit and you’re feeling strong and then you show up to only find you can’t complete majority of the obstacles on the course.

It was fun, it was challenging and it was very sad all at the same time.

My biggest achievement of the day was mastering the 14 foot warped wall. It took about 30 tries and different strategies. It took pumping myself up, determination, and pressure by spectators.  Watching athlete after athlete fail, we were not about to leave until we got up and over.

When you’re about 12 feel up you have to take a leap of faith to grab the lip on top of the wall. When you think the hardest part is over, you’re wrong, you now have to use your small grip of one hand to pull your entire body weight over. It’s not easy, but I guarantee you once you finish, you feel very accomplished!


We didn’t leave there without a few bumps and bruises. I tore my back up sliding down the wall every time I failed (I learned if I ever go again to wear a closed tank tops), we had blistered on our hands and Abby even ripped her shorts. All in all it was a fun experience.

Up for a family day? They also have a Ninja Junior Course for children ages 12 and under. All day passes are $12-14 for unlimited play time.