Final Day in Atlanta!

A little burst to begin my day

My day began early and was nonstop until the day finally came to an end when everything was done.  There was no more days to pass, no more time to put things off, this was it; this was my final day in Atlanta!  I woke up to my mother calling, already on her way to help me finish all the last packing.  I had to take my car back to the shop to get the screw out and then took care of some other recommended maintenance.




The car shop called and my car was ready just before lunch, so it worked out perfect that my mom could just drop me their on the way back to my house.  I fixed taco’s for lunch, and Jason came home to help us load the boxes into my car.  Thank goodness for Jason and Carson, because those boxes were heavy, and they ended up having to put one on the roof.


Once loaded down we drove out to Ponce near Stone Mountain to drop them off at the loading dock.  Hal called me later and said my palette weighed 497 pounds!

All my life crammed into 4 Boxes!!!

Next we went to Camp Woof to bathe Koli. At first she was a little timid to get into the washing tub, but after my mom gave her a handful of cookies, she didn’t seem to mind the unusual smells and other loud barks and cries.

She’s going to smell good in the car

I met up with Nikki one last time and we got our nails done.  By the time I made it home, both of my parents were at my house, ready to load the rest of my stuff in the car for the drive. We managed to squeeze everything in!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be headed out bright and early!!!
Goodnight Atlanta!!!