About Me

Hi I’m Ali, born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, but in 2012 I followed my heart and dreams, drove across the country with a packed car and my dog, Koli, and landed in the Southern California.

I love getting myself wrapped up in too many activities, so there’s not much free time for sitting around.  I had many passions, hobbies, and interests as a kid, and today I still keep up with many of them: Cooking, Running, Traveling, and Photography top the charts!

From baking cookies with my mom as a child and watching my grandparents grow their own garden, I developed a love for baking and home cooked meals.  I now enjoy trying new recipes any chance I get.

I found an extreme passion for traveling and interest in other cultures when I attended Oxford College of Emory University.  During my two years at Oxford I had the opportunity to travel to Brazil and Argentina with the soccer team to be trained by some of the best athletes and experience their South American culture.

During my last semester I took a course, Sociology in Developing Countries where we traveled to Ecuador during our spring break and lived in the jungle with a Shaman family for a week.  We hiked around the Amazon, we slept with the bats and bugs, we played soccer barefoot with some locals, and we tried lots of interesting food.  All of these experiences were life changing and helped in my decision to major in sociology.  They also opened my eyes to the world beyond Atlanta, to live life on the edge a little, and be prepared for unexpected events!

Crew after a hike into the Amazon, Ecuador 2006

I played soccer throughout my time in college.  During my last two years I had the opportunity to take more art classes and really advanced my love for photography and start working with mixed media.  I graduated from Emory in 2008.I enjoy running, reading, and always looking for new adventures! Of course the highlight of my life that brings a smile to my face each and every day is my lab mix, Koli, a rescue dog with the biggest heart.


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