OliviaNewtonJohnPhysical LET’S GET PHYSICAL…

Ok, I know that Olivia Newton-John song is on repeat in your head right now…so let’s talk workouts.  Remember that time you’d just go to the gym: a couple miles on the treadmill next to your BFF, half an hour on the elliptical while catching up on the latest reality show, maybe even 20 minutes on the stair master while reading the most dramatic gossip magazines?
I’m so over that!

After moving to LA I developed a mild case of work-out ADD.  [Seriously.]  I estimate that I engage in an average of 10 different types of workouts each month.  And I can guarantee, if I hear of a new opening or discover a crazy new workout routine I will find it and I will try it.

When I travel, I find pleasure in using my MindBody App to review and chose the most popular places in the city I’m visiting.

I love everything from your normal-run, yoga, pilates, circuit training, golf, tennis, beach volleyball, the unique and fun types –boxing, Soul Cycle, paddle boarding,, and especially those you think only kids should engage in(trampoline Dodgeball, Beach kickball- why not!)  I’ve even gone a little more extreme: anti-gravity yoga, trapeze, paddle board-yoga, extreme obstacle  races, so really let me know what you’re up to and I’ll join you!

I want to know, what is your favorite workout and favorite place to get a good sweat?
What’s the next best place I should check out?



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